#4: Apple Pie


Apple pie, while iconic, can be one of the most disappointing of pies out there. Mushy (if not slimy) apples and thick, bland crust can really ruin the whole experience.  Amidst the sub-par pies of the world, there is Alton Brown’s “Super Apple Pie”.    This is one masterpiece of a pie.

This week’s recipe:  Super Apple Pie (Courtesy of Alton Brown, FoodNetwork.com)

Apple Pie Filling

how did it go?

Making this pie is a good half-day commitment.   It’s like making bread; it’s worth the wait.  For those of you cinnamon/nutmeg apple pie makers out there: Don’t modify this recipe.  Take the time to find the Grains of Paradise, and you will be pleasantly surprised.  When peeling the apples, if they seem a little on the extra juicy side, let them stay in the colander for a little longer.

the moment of truth

After waiting the grueling 4 hours (yes, you must wait!)… it is oh, so delicious.  The apples turn out almost “al dente”, and have no hint of sliminess whatsoever.  The Grains of Paradise add a flavor I’ve never before tasted, but so perfectly suited to this pie.  The Applejack in the crust adds a mouth watering fragrance to the whole experience. Oh, how I love thee,  AB’s Super Apple Pie.

Apple Pie, Fresh From The Oven


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