#6: Avocado Pie


This week’s pie came totally out of the blue… er… green.  In the search for my next experiment, I came across this extremely simple yet intriguing recipe.  Avocado Pie.  Wait… avocado pie?  Suspending all further judgement, I decided to give it a shot.

This week’s recipe: Avocado Pie (Courtesy of PinchMySalt.com)


Avocado Pie


how did it go?

This was a breeze to make.  With only 4 ingredients, it took me all of about 5 minutes (aside from the crust).   After assembling, I let it set in the refrigerator over night, which seemed to allow for a nice solid filling.


This pie tastes almost nothing like an avocado.  It more resembles a lemon bar than anything else.  For a stronger avocado flavor go a little light on the lemon, and possibly toss in another avocado.   Overall, even the most non-adventurous of my tasting crew enjoyed this one.

See FoodNetwork.com for another spin on this tasty recipe.


One response to “#6: Avocado Pie

  1. Avocado pie! If you hadn’t told me it tasted good and lord knows I believe everything you say (wink), I would not have touched this one. But boy was it yummy! Really loved the smooth lemony filling with the hint of avocado in it. Great pie Aly!

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