#8: Key Lime Pie


Deciding on which pie to make has become an increasingly challenging thing to do.  I decided to place the task in the hand of a friend who needed a pick-me-up, and Key Lime was his choice.  Like most of the pies on this blog, I’ve never made a Key Lime Pie, nor have I ever eaten one in recent memory.  Though, I have to say that expanding my horizons has never been more fun.

This week’s recipe is Key Lime Pie (courtesy of Gourmet Sleuth)



Key Lime Pie




You really can’t go wrong with pies calling for a graham cracker crust, no matter how incompetent you feel in the kitchen.  There’s really nothing finicky about smooshed graham crackers and butter.  (mmm…)  Making the filling is a pretty fool-proof operation too.  Just whip up some egg yolks, combine with  sweetened condensed milk and lime juice.  This recipe also includes lime zest for an enhanced fresh lime flavor, though the zest is not a traditional ingredient in Key Lime Pies as far as I can tell.


Because this pie was made on special request by a friend, I didn’t actually get to cut into it and try it for myself.  I did hear that it was a perfect balance of tart and sweet, though.   I suspect that this pie tasted a lot like the Avocado Pie of a few weeks back; the structure and ingredients of the two pies are very similar.  There’s only one way to know for sure… make another one!


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