About Me

I’ve been baking since I was 14.  I remember the very first batch of cookies I burned, and the hours I spent in the kitchen learning how to save future cookies from a fate in the trash can.  (Lesson #1 being: Pay Attention.)  It’s now 15 years later, and I have a fairly stressful job where I work long hours.  I often come home late and exhausted, yet I still find myself baking late-night cupcakes after a long day at work… just because.  It’s not about eating the sweets (well… ok, maybe just a bite), it’s more about the process.  There’s something really therapeutic about making food and sharing the bounty with friends.  So, I’ve decided to challenge myself and see what comes of it.   One pie per week.  Until the end of the year, at least.  So, here goes…


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Love the pie challenge you’ve put on yourself! Anytime you need a new “taste-tester”, page me! I’d come running over! Grin
    I should put on a challenge on myself to cook a new recipe every week since I have found it to be challenging to cook just for myself on a daily basis!

    • I’m loving the challenge too! It’s forcing me to be creative and to keep a routine that’s not based in “work”. And blogging about it is pretty fun too!
      Thanks for visiting the site!

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